Membership Benefits

MEMBERS: SFD firefighters appointed under civil service rules and regulations shall be eligible for membership within ONE YEAR of their appointment. Any member who is discharged or resigns from SFD ceases to be a member of the Association and is not entitled to benefits.

DUES: Application is made on Association forms and accompanied by $50 initiation fee. Regular dues for all members shall be $25/$50 per year, paid July 1st of each year.

BENEFITS: No member shall be entitled to receive benefits until he/she has been a member of this Association for 6 months.

DEATH: Upon death, the designated beneficiary of any member of this Association shall be entitled to a sum not to exceed $4,500.00*. In the event a member dies leaving no designated beneficiary, the Association shall make arrangements and pay necessary funeral expenses not to exceed the amount of the death benefit.

SURVIVOR: If deceased member leaves a child or children under the age of 18 years, the Association shall pay the sum of $150.00 per child per month with a maximum benefit of $300.00 per family towards their support. Said amount shall be paid for each minor child until child attains the age of 18. All children who are receiving aforementioned benefits shall be given a Christmas gift of $50.00 each.

SICKNESS: Any member who is unable to perform their regular line of duties on account of sickness or disability and does not receive salary from SFD or disbursements from the retirement fund or State compensation shall be entitled to benefits of $50.00 per week for a period not to exceed 22 weeks, or more than $1,100.00 in one calendar year. No sick benefits shall be paid to any member who has sick benefits remaining with SFD.

RETIREMENT: Upon retirement, Association shall host a banquet to honor members who have retired from active duty. Association shall also present retiree with a suitable gold badge with their name, length of service, rank held, and any other words deemed appropriate to inscribe thereon.

SUSPENSION: Any member who becomes delinquent in his/her dues for a period of 60 days, shall be considered suspended from Association benefits. Any suspended member may be reinstated within one year upon paying delinquent membership dues; however, shall not be eligible for Association benefits until 60 days after reinstatement.

VESTING: Any member, upon attaining the age of 70 & minimum 20 years of membership, shall have the option of no longer paying dues and being vested at the current death benefit.

SURRENDER: Any member, who, upon reaching the age of 55 and having served at least 20 years, retires from SFD, may surrender their membership and receive the sum of $750.00.

Sacramento Firefighter Relief Association

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